After sailing half around the globe with my lover Erlend on our little 33feet sailing boat "Rakafant" with a little compact camera in my hands, documenting stories and people I met along my journey, I realised that there is nothing more meaningful than human connection. It's just all that matters. The connection you build with the people you shoot is something that always excites me, sharing stories, laughters and tears - Photography brought me closer to people. And hands down, human connection is what weddings are all about.

In 2020 I moved from my previous home Berlin to Norway and got educated as a photo artist from the Oslo Fotokunstskole, focusing on analog photography. This is why my approach in wedding photography is also influenced with an artistic feel and why I implement analog photography into all my wedding packages. Analog photography is timeless, imperfect and holds its own unique magic.

I believe your wedding photos should be as unique as your love is, representing your day in a genuine and heartfelt way. When shooting, I always focus on the special connection you have with your partner and all your beloved ones, while also keeping an eye for all the little details you put into your wedding day.

Being your wedding photographer means creating life-long lasting memories of one of the best days of your love story. Celebrating love is one of the greatest things and I can't wait to get to know you and your story.

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